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When it comes to getting the best sports picks, everyone is looking for a consistent winner. Led by the one of the world’s most popular sports handicappers in the United States, Michael Silletti runs a leading sports consulting firm that specializes in giving out tips and picks. Since 2019, clients have cashed in big with his picks and predictions.

Both amateur bettors and experienced gamblers trust Winning Sport Picks for their consistent sports picks week after week. Using a proprietary system not found anywhere else, Silletti and his team of experts use data analysis and trending information to make big bets that pay off. 
Winning Sport Picks Packages are limited to a certain number of clients each season to make sure you get the attention you deserve. Get started today with the best sports handicappers in the world at Winning Sport Picks. Call toll free 1-866-847-7529 or Contact Us Online Today to start a free consultation with an analyst.

WSP is the leading sports consulting firm in the USA! Michael Silletti is labeled as one of the top sports handicappers in the United States and CEO of Winning Sport Picks. Silletti and his team set the standard year to year and continue to dominate sportsbooks with his betting system that has proven to be successful and profitable. Silletti’s success in his ability to consistently pick winners has been featured in top publications including Global Finance Herald, New Jersey Business Journal, FOX News, American Business Times, and ABC News.
When you buy a Winning Sport Picks package, you are getting picks and insight from one of the most experienced betting teams in the world. You can trust that our picks are well researched by the smartest people in the room, giving you the best odds for success.